Cycles of Meaning, Faith and Trust

Old Norse ‘Svefnthorn’ [Sleep Thorn], an ancient magic rune used to put their foes into a deep slumber for a very long time.


I’ve been watching movies about Norse mythology, Vikings, fighting, survival, rulerships, kingdoms, and betrayals… and it all sums up to remembering about past lives where I used to be a warrior out for blood, memories of killing Christians who were in the mission of converting pagans that fought for a truth about a belief system (that I no longer hold true.) I wouldn’t fight for those things anymore, although I had a recollection of when I was little, being so attached to ideals that I believed my truth was absolute. I no longer fight, but because my path is now to integrate how I identified with ideals so strongly, that in the past led me to fight and even kill. I’ve been watching, and there’s a part of me that is kind of detached watching this, understanding that at the very end, it all adds to nothing in the context of the life that I have right now, and if I were to translate what sovereignty means, it’s not like rulership, of a man that claims the land, to protect his people under his rule, in exchange of protection for his own life, and with an army that is going to help protect the borders from any invader that might come and take the goods, the money, the coins, and to enslave the people.

Audio whispers:

I intertwine between the spoken and the written word, hear my insights (different content) below:



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Monika Bravo

Monika Bravo

Multi-disciplinary Artist - Evolutionary_Astrology- - Human being - I embody my own perspective