MBRAVO_ Collage: Neidan “Nourishing and growing the sacred embryo”, based on an illustration from 1615 Xingming Guizhi

Aware of some stillness

My emotional body knows it needs to calibrate to the rhythm of water, permeable, wavy, strong, and always flowing.

In the skies, and in our bodies (Astrology and Human Design) :

The new Moon in Cancer, Gate 52 with BML (black moon Lilith- the point along the moon’s orbit when it’s farthest from Earth)- Squaring Jupiter in Aries. Mars is also in Aries, his own abode, together with Eris square Pluto: Enhancing all the rage felt, like the pain of exclusion and oppression the collective is feeling as an institutional attack on personal and birthing choices.


I would devote all the love and care to my being, even if rage is present so I can channel the energy of mother Gaia which holds humanity.

Be like water, my friend

Bruce Lee

-An entitled civilization will never evolve,

This week I tried recording several times, but It did not feel right before I gave up, I just improvised this message.



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Monika Bravo

Monika Bravo

Multi-disciplinary Artist - Evolutionary_Astrology- - Human being - https://linktr.ee/monikabravo I embody my own perspective