Feeling the feet; the initial stage of Nurturing Grounding.

The first fundamental foundation training in Taijiquan: “rooting’. Internet image

My sense of knowledge is my security, my sense of curiosity as well as the intention to share it, is my capital, my wealth.

There lies my chief wealth, stock, property…

Feeling the feet; the Initial stage of Nurturing Grounding

Tilting the weight and holding the internal energy (qi) is key in Taijiquan. Shift the weight from one leg to the next: Soft movement — The balance arises from #trust, Change #perspective, and HODL. Hold those assets.



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Monika Bravo

Monika Bravo

Multi-disciplinary Artist - Evolutionary_Astrology- - Human being - https://linktr.ee/monikabravo I embody my own perspective