My Testament

testament (n.)

late 13c., “last will disposing of property,” from Latin testamentum “a last will, publication of a will,” from testari “make a will, be witness to,” from testis “witness,” from PIE *tri-st-i- “third person standing by,” from root *tris- “three” (see three) on the notion of “third person, disinterested witness.”

I have been acting weird, I barely recognize what I am feeling, I have a new sense of identity, and to be honest, it feels off, cranky, like it needs a bit of calibration. At times I am excited about it, not knowing is fun, and not recognizing myself is fantastic, yet I am not a balloon that can float for too long, I need some grounding.

Let’s go back a few days, shall we? Death has been present in my life since I can recall, and I have a direct and very honest relationship with it. When someone I know passes to the other realm, I stop and I honor their life with good thoughts, I even talk to them, I say, -hey, thank you, your absence will be forever present in my heart-.

Last week, two people I knew crossed the threshold, one was in his prime… and this time around, I was very touched.

I realized I don’t want anyone to say anything, or even to pretend I was either loved or liked because I wasn’t. I mostly intimidate people with my blunt honesty and straightforwardness, and at times very inquisitive mind, I often confuse them, as I can be quite mysterious, yet my bulls*t detector never fails. I can smell phoniness from other galaxies, that is why, last week, I decided that I will write everything I have to write about myself, so others won’t take advantage and lie once I am gone.

So here is my Testament:

I did everything I wanted, when I wanted because I wanted it. Aware of my manifesting capabilities as well as my independence and affection for freedom from very early on, I have strategically made decisions so my choices are always open. I lived fully, very loyal and faithful to my cause, evolution, I lived surrounded by colors, shapes, and the smell of good things, I loved a good joke, and I digested and processed information at the speed of light. I was neither nice nor a good person. If I ever inspired anyone to be authentic, my life then served a purpose. Period.

The South Node of the Moon in Scorpio is transiting my 10th house, soon it will be touching my natal Neptune and Moon in Scorpio on my MC. -say what? In English: my already mysterious Persona is having another shift, this time around I am allowed to TRUST THE UNKNOWN. All meditations these days start and end with I am NO-BODY.

Finally free from the “idea” of having to create an impact in society, I just roam and allow that which wants to be emanating at every moment. Status, acknowledgments, sacrifices or expectations from others no longer live in my area. The landscape is free.

So as I write my testament in the form of breaths, I leave no space for anyone to say otherwise, If you wanna know me, hit me up with a message, if not, begone. Thank you very much! The less the better, the more time for my roaming and commitment to Source.

Sayonara! A longer testament or manifesto will be shaped into a book one day…

— Perhaps…

“Honor great misfortunes as you honor your own person. Only because you have your own person, you will have great misfortunes. Without a person, how could there be misfortunes?” — LaoZi

NO VIDEO this week.

Short and sweet…



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Monika Bravo

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