Shadow work- Synthesis + Sovereignty

The First Blockchain: Trusted digital time-stamping has first been discussed in literature by Stuart Haber and W. Scott Stornetta. “How to time-stamp a digital document”, 1991 The Journal of Cryptology

Sovereignty — Authenticity — Authority (self)

Note: As I finish touching up this text, the creative, light part of ourselves (the Sun) is making its annual meeting with Uranus at 14 degrees of Taurus, supported by a sextile of Mars in Pisces. The Sun is in Gate 2, one that bears it all in the universe, and the Earth is in Gate 1, the creative inspiration. What do the Sun and Uranus want together? Sovereignty! How? Anchoring creativity and valuing the creative initiative that sparks the need to plant the seeds needed for freedom.

Eclipses: confront, discard, yield and ground what is needed to seed.

And then something sudden has to happen to wake us up, whether it’s an illness or death or the loss of something– so this is back to the eclipses because right now as we’re dealing with that festering in the Scorpio arena, it is through confronting something of ourselves that is not to our liking that we can decide whether the roots are going to stagnate or whether they can be pruned. So it’s a question about what it is right now in your life that you are looking at carefully, that you’re confronting, that could be even scatological– what is it that you have to let go of, that you’re retaining, that’s not of use anymore? What needs to be put back into the soil as compost?

Shadow work 101 (another take)

-Do you have the willingness to confront your fears, look at what triggers you, and make space and time for it?

Gates 2 + 1, the receptive, the creative: Bearing creative fruit with beauty.

Audio — Video whispers:

I intertwine between the spoken and the written word, hear my insights (different content) below. The written article is a companion (not a transcript) to the video.



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Monika Bravo

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