Swimming — Triggers + Resolutions

Prometheus Forms Man and Animates Him with Fire from Heaven, Hendrik Goltzius (Holland, Mülbracht [now Bracht-am-Niederrhein], 1558–1617), Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Space to contemplate, The blockchain is a collective consciousness that requires “individuation” to understand its full power -

Having the courage of being with these uncomfortable feelings, finding out how it feels to be alone and intimate with my emotional needs? Letting go of the urge of sharing all knowledge or experiences allows others to find their space too, without me. That is perhaps one of the biggest AHA moments as I enter a quieter, yet richer intimate experience.

Opportunities to meet the δαίμων, triggers, and potential for synthesis.

Part of meeting the South Node of the Moon next week in the lunar eclipse in my 10th house is recognizing those triggers that, since I was very little, have shaped me into believing things about myself that are not true. What is ‘self-love’, ‘self-esteem’, and relationship to myself? That’s a Venus function, that’s the North Node in Venus/Taurus right now. If you look at my chart, I have that area that is very prominent. My core wound is that I came to this life to take a path where I was going to be put into situations where I had to confront the lack of relationship to my own needs, therefore I created a persona that found situations or people or relationships where I could reinforce that. I could practice it, I could integrate it, synthesize. So the shadow that I get triggered by at times happens but now I’m almost able to put the whole thing in slow motion, so I can take small steps to work and embody that perception, that perspective, in the moment, and then do somatic practice where I do my breathing and I sense those feelings in my body. I’m then able to divert the attention and start feeling a completely different emotion because I understand that I am just living through my past.

The T-word– Trauma + Prometheus and liberation

I am going to relate a little bit about how the archetypal energy of Uranus/Aquarius/11th house can lead to understanding trauma from the objective perspective, and how we can connect back to our own memories that are embedded in or probably underneath our own consciousness. The archetype of Uranus/Aquarius/11th house corresponds to an unconsciousness that the individual holds that is related to their individuation. This deep state of unconsciousness that is symbolized by this archetype can at times be brought to light with an awareness that needs some attention and focus on the individual part of ourselves–not through the collective, not through the relationship to others. It is purely an “I am” situation. With things like dreamwork, journaling, intuition, and all kinds of regressions, we can really bring back the experiences and states that have kind of fractured in the psyche and remained as crystallized memories, which hold the key to how we’re going to correlate them in this current lifetime.

Audio — Video whispers:

I intertwine between the spoken and the written word, hear my insights (different content) below. The written article is a companion (not a transcript) to the video.



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Monika Bravo

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