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New Moon in Leo: Re-cognition + re-connecting to my inner child

Part of my artist statement…

Synthesis of last week

Last week was a week that was extremely meaningful as I have been able to re-connect to parts of my essential being, and also I have been able to mirror these qualities onto others by experiencing wonderful Dia-logos, 1:1s.

All singularity aims for an individual expression, looking for a collective resonance. Not everyone shall agree and morph into homogenized beings, cookie-cut shapes being led and misinformed by those who tell us how, when, and why. No, on the contrary, singularity requires individual consciousness, it is meant to co-create purposeful experiences within the collective, to reverberate within communities.

That moment of awareness is here now. Yes, the New Moon + Mercury in Leo will give light, and allow the expression to identify with your creative joy, your real vocation, and what you were called to be in sovereignty.

The wormhole where space and time bend into different timelines within the quantum field can only attract those who are aware of the mutation as it is very narrow in focus-

-What is the greatest manifestation you would like to align with in your life?

The upcoming transits of the North Node of the Moon meets Mars + Uranus in conjunction at 18 degrees with Taurus in Gate/Hexagram 2.6:

Because of the upcoming transits, the receptivity for higher insights is quite slim and this focus only perceives very selective aspects. Alas, one cannot see the whole picture, so if one is truly aligned with the creative juices flowing, one won’t miss the mark, unless the preoccupation stays within the shadow of materiality, the day-to-day mundane need for individual security. Thus, trust the creative, and the rest will emanate from the source!

The Nodes will change gates too (from 43/23 to 2/1). They will find themselves in the monopole, the Human Design, the G(gravity) or Identity Center that aligns with The thing that binds us together in spirit, that holds us together in the illusion of our separateness. The substance we want to connect to so we can feel alive and full of grace: LOVE.

The G*D particle… Mars and Uranus are also hanging around the monopole. Technically speaking the Monopole sits in the 2nd gate, the compass, the direction of your life… that is why there is an urgency to connect to the source of Love. Destiny won’t miss you. Nor will you miss it.

We are one in SPIRIT yet UNIQUE in singularity, and both gates 1/2 are the base of YANG and YIN, humanity in between, synthesizing the experience– how cool is that?

Leo season/sun/creative/artistic the luminary that shines life upon us, that part of ourselves that wants to be seen and heard, creativity is not only left to artists, poets, or musicians– it is inherent everywhere in nature.

One of the very interesting core aspects and most extraordinary mysteries of Human Design is the Magnetic Monopole. It’s been very fortunate that, in terms of the information of the revelation, so much of this information has been verified at some level or another.

The verification of the neutrino with mass and the Magnetic monopole leads to an ability for us to be able to mechanically have a reliable way to look at the way in which we operate and the way in which the world operates.

The Monopole is an extraordinary thing. It is the magic in the middle of all of this. The way in which the Monopole works is that it influences us in two very specific ways.

Number one: It holds us together in the illusion of our separateness. The second connects us to our specific geometry that emerges out of the quantum. The difference between being a Right Angle and a Left Angle person can only be derived once you bring these two elements (Design and Personality) together and integrate them into the bodygraph.

Only then do you get such a thing as a Profile; only then do you begin to see trajectory; only then do these things emerge. All of this is a by-product of the work of the Magnetic Monopole.

So the Monopole is going to hold together the illusion it can and maintain us to a geometry based on either the not-self or the true-self. And in the not-self process, we never gain the advantages that are there for us. We just don’t.

There’s something else as well, this area of the bodygraph is the most advanced area of the bodygraph. Because it’s essential for the Monopole to hold together the illusion of this reality, it also has to hold together the illusion of the next potential reality, and the next. It holds together the memory of all the previous potential realities, and as such is enormously sophisticated in its potential. In other words, the potential inherent in the G Center is to lay the foundation of correctness for what will be the mutation of the new Raves (new human beings), while at the same time being able to provide that for humanity.

The G Center is the infrastructure of life. When you are looking at the G you are looking at something that is so deeply, deeply a part of everything, of everything.

There isn’t anywhere you can go in the Mandala, there isn’t anywhere that you can go in the bodygraph, that you don’t find this direct line and relationship to one of the gates of the G Center.

This is the core of what it is to create life. It’s right here holding it all together.

Magnetic Monopole-Ra Uru Hu (Human Design)

Human Design: Notice, starting at the 25th gate (part of the Vessel of Love) that there are eight hexagrams to get to the second gate, The Receptive. And if you look at every single one of these eight hexagrams between the 25 and the 2 you will notice that all of them have the same lower trigram; this lower trigram of yang yin-yin. And if you go to the 2nd gate and you go all the way along until you get to just before the 15th gate you will see that they all have a yin-yin-yin lower trigram. In other words, each of the gates of the G Center establishes an imprint for each of the gates that follow. And though they will have variations in the upper trigram, every single one of these eight gates are literally part of a family, and the family is rooted in the lower trigrams established by the G gate.

Kindness is the virtue that has love implicit in every action.

As the eventful week rolled, I condense here some of my insights, and some of my emotions: July 19, 2022: I woke up this morning feeling so much gratitude, during a contemplation I recalled when back in 2019, April to be exact, I started the practice of focusing on virtue for the whole year.

How can one do that?

Kindness was the virtue I started with back then, the idea arose when I realized by way of the ocean that I was very hard on myself and I needed to surrender all that criticism. In a state of panic, I asked the sea what was I doing or not doing right, the sea just said

-Open your arms while floating, close your eyes and be kind to yourself

And so I started to practice every morning during meditation by visualizing roots from my feet reaching down, penetrating the core of Gaia, and allowing her kindness to ascend through my limbs, and envelope my heart, then rise up and out of my crown chakra to meet the stars in a spiral motion full of light.

Practicing kindness was quite a simple yet powerful virtue I needed to do at all times.

-To smile when alone!

-Just do that now, yes YOU, try it

– smile back at the screen now.-Stay smiling…

-Do you see?

-How does that feel?

Do you feel love towards yourself because your face is gesturing an expression that you know is for you alone and not for anyone else?

Can’t you see that kindness has love implicitly?

Kindness is Love in action

Then when you go outside and smile at everyone else and ask -How are you?

That is also an act of love! Metta In Pali — a language that’s closely related to Sanskrit and spoken in northern India — means Love and Kindness, a Buddhist practice to open one’s heart.

I was still living in NYC when I started this practice, in 2020, and because of the kindness I was feeling towards myself and the sweetness I developed naturally, I decided gratitude would be the next virtue. I would text friends for weeks, 3 to 10 things I was grateful for, every morning. Mid-march the pandemic started, and I was already quite kind and grateful, therefore I was ready to open up even more… I was grateful for every moment I had…For every breath I took.

-The pandemic was all about the breath, the lack of breath, and the way one breathes and reconnects.

When one practices gratitude, one can start feeling energized as it contrasts the sense of lack, of not feeling enough. Gratitude is great for self-esteem.

As the world grieved the loss of a way of living, it also opened the potential for bringing more connections to our hearts, to our sense of safety.

During 2021, I practiced the virtue of humility, for that which I did not know, I would accept and I would ask for support. I learned by listening to others. I focused on seeking less attention. Enough with pretense! I had left NYC, the city that never sleeps, as everyone needs to be running around pretending to be over-achievers. I was in sunny south Florida now, and my humility practice led me to engage with deep studies on trauma and understanding how to better communicate with others, to dive deep into shadow work, Dia-logos.

The practice of virtues became a thing– this year I am practicing coherence, really accepting, surrendering, and being honest, accountable, and sovereign. I wonder what 2023 will be like, there are so many virtues still.

-What about patience? I will see…

A great leader does so by example, not by force; they are aware of their inner spark and allow humility, trust, and curiosity to be at the front of every inquiry.

A great leader listens to the needs of others without bypassing those needed to lead. In some ways it is one of the more virtuous of all phases, inviting the inner genius that emanates as it connects to spirit (el Duende), Goblins, fairies, and playful energy arising.

July 28th, Jupiter retrograde in Aries:

A great time to meditate on how one relates to knowledge, and the need to listen more to external guidance as opposed to trusting one’s inner compass or intuition. A possible resistance of being honest to that individual flame that means I am– do make time for an assessment of how focused one’s initiation and expansion has opened new terrains since May 10th, reviewing the growth and revising those ambitions.

-Does one need to be right, or to be of service?

Cycles, upgrades, sudden realizations, and the elephant in the room: ASTROLOGY lingo.

“Astrology can be defined as a technique for the study of life-cycles. Its main purpose (is to establish) the existence of regular patterns in the sequence of events constituting man’s inner and outer experience; then, to use the knowledge of these patterns in order to control or give meaning to these experiences…Indeed, the study of cycles — — that is, of periodical activities in nature, human and otherwise — — is the root of all significant knowledge, be it scientific or philosophical. And the study of cycles is a study of time.”

-Dane Rudhyar

So this part is very a-musing for me, don’t get me wrong, I am not making fun of anyone, yet I hear this a lot (enough to prompt me to write about it)

-Monika, I don’t get your Astro-lingo, perhaps if you could ___? [get rid of it, explain it]

-Me, could WHAT? Fit your shape and frame of mind? Ahem, well, mmm, NO! Ahem, let me see how to approach this…

-Dear reader, I am listening to your needs and leveraging them with my need to communicate from a place of truth — mine.

-Monika, please explain what astrology is, ya?

I noticed that I created situations where I was looking to be understood by trying to explain who I am, instead of establishing connections so others could feel my presence in their hearts. This past week has been rich with such connections. 1:1 s have surfaced. I am interested in connectivity so I can communicate and thus inspire or get inspired– that is emergence for me.

At the moment I am very perceptive of so much suffering individually and collectively, and my Astro lingo has paved the way for me to be very practical on how I go about shadow work.

Astrology basically is all about relationships, how one body relates to another body in space, and the point of reference of the observer will determine the way it is perceived. These relational values are also part of time cycles–how humanity perceives its condition through the frame of time and space and the polarities, and the invitation to synthesize the experience.

As I have very clearly stated before, I stay away from definitions, thus being “the Astro-chick” is not part of my curriculum. I will at some point let the reader into the relationship of why these archetypal languages have served as a platform for meaning.

Enjoy the Leo season, be playful, and channel the inner child; it has become so clear (light) that the pain one endures stems from trading our authentic selves for security and approval.

“There’s a reason for everything. Every human behaviour, every human thought, every human emotion, every human reaction — doesn’t matter what it looks like on the outside — reflects a desire to be loved or to love. And as Marshall Rosenberg who teaches Non-Violent Communication said “very often we make these communications…” he calls it a “the tragic communication of a need”. So that it doesn’t matter how people behave or speak, underneath it there is a basic human need.

That human need was at some point frustrated in their early development. And that person has been all their life trying to have that need met, doesn’t matter how they behaved. Even if they behaved in the most aggressive and inhuman and obnoxious fashion, there’s always a reason for it.

So that means when somebody comes for help, then you have to see that need and that real human being underneath the words and underneath the behavior. In other words, you have to see the person more clearly than they see themselves. Not so that you can deliver your opinion to them and have them accept it, but so that you can mirror them back to their true selves.”

Gabor Maté

Monika Bravo: “La illa-ha illa’illah”, 2009 2 mins 16 secs. Sound: Mike Hallenbeck

La Ilaha Illa’llah (2009–2010), a video projection in 4 parts: Tornado, Volcano, mudslide, and Wild Fires.

Drawn from appropriated footage of natural disasters found on the Internet, La Ilaha Illa’llah transforms the images into a succession of painterly eruptions, demonstrating the power of beauty even at times of calamity and chaos, as suggested by eighteenth-century philosopher Edmund Burke’s concept of the sublime. The title of the work derives from an account of the life of thirteenth-century Sufi poet Rumi, who was described as whirling in devotion to Allah, chanting “La illa-ha illa’illah” until he fell into a trance of deep worship.

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