Virtues: Kindness

Part of my artist statement…

Synthesis of last week

Last week was a week that was extremely meaningful as I have been able to re-connect to parts of my essential being, and also I have been able to mirror these qualities onto others by experiencing wonderful Dia-logos, 1:1s.

Human Design: Notice, starting at the 25th gate (part of the Vessel of Love) that there are eight hexagrams to get to the second gate, The Receptive. And if you look at every single one of these eight hexagrams between the 25 and the 2 you will notice that all of them have the same lower trigram; this lower trigram of yang yin-yin. And if you go to the 2nd gate and you go all the way along until you get to just before the 15th gate you will see that they all have a yin-yin-yin lower trigram. In other words, each of the gates of the G Center establishes an imprint for each of the gates that follow. And though they will have variations in the upper trigram, every single one of these eight gates are literally part of a family, and the family is rooted in the lower trigrams established by the G gate.

Kindness is the virtue that has love implicit in every action.

As the eventful week rolled, I condense here some of my insights, and some of my emotions: July 19, 2022: I woke up this morning feeling so much gratitude, during a contemplation I recalled when back in 2019, April to be exact, I started the practice of focusing on virtue for the whole year.

Cycles, upgrades, sudden realizations, and the elephant in the room: ASTROLOGY lingo.

Monika Bravo: “La illa-ha illa’illah”, 2009 2 mins 16 secs. Sound: Mike Hallenbeck
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Monika Bravo

Monika Bravo

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