We are the architects of time

Monika Bravo, We are the architects of time, 2020, collage forDe Voz a Voz”, Museo de Arte Moderno & El Tiempo, Bogota, Colombia

Self-actualization or acknowledgment?

A differentiation:

Dislocation, and Self-compassion

To self-actualize one can do it by creating an event, an experience, a book, or a work of art, the thing itself is the validation, its representation fulfills the creative outlet and willingness to be expressed, to be seen, to be heard, whereas recognition, depends mostly on The Establishment. Acknowledgment needs an authority in the field to establish a hierarchy. I recognize you, is not the same as I can see you. I have never had a problem self-promoting, maybe my Mars in Aries in the third house of communication or my Neptune in my 10th house of direction, I can blend it, say it firmly.

TRANSITS: Prepping in the next 4 weeks, what are you bringing to the fire?

Look in your chart for 18 degrees of Taurus- Scorpio

Liberation, Sun in Gate 39, Earth Gate 38

The energy comes from the root center, on one side, endurance, and the stamina to find and connect to The Real Purpose in this Life to live a life that is worth it.



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Monika Bravo

Monika Bravo

Multi-disciplinary Artist - Evolutionary_Astrology- - Human being - https://linktr.ee/monikabravo I embody my own perspective