Would you like to know what triggers me?

Monika Bravo, Landscape of Belief_ blueprint NYC, detail, 2013. all text from Italo Calvino’s seminal book, Invisible Cities was used to make skylines of recognizable cities.

The power of intention

Monika, Good luck!

Why does the word luck trigger me? Because everything I do, anywhere I put my attention, I do it with a clear intention and attention that leads to a sense of presence. Even when I was very young, I made choices that would shape my life. I basically do not believe in luck per se; I trust being in a state of awareness that allows events to unfold, some very positive, some not, especially when I do not pay close attention to my choices.

The audio, with the voices of Elena Pakhoutova, the curator of the exhibition, and yours truly in conversation, about Landscape of Belief and the Power of intention, Nov. 2018

CURSING, SWEARING, AND SPELLS: the invocation of the spirits has a different form

INTENTION, ATTENTION, PRESENCE: current cycles, the Full Moon in Capricorn; Global Cycles, and the shift from tribal to individual response

Trust, the G*d particle, microscopic black holes, and CERN

Dark matter…



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Monika Bravo

Monika Bravo

Multi-disciplinary Artist - Evolutionary_Astrology- - Human being - https://linktr.ee/monikabravo I embody my own perspective