Zapped by Uranus: A sense of safety and homecoming in my uniqueness

Central part of a large floor mosaic, from a Roman villa in Sentinum, Italy. ca. 200–250 C.E. Aion, the god of eternity, is standing inside a celestial sphere decorated with zodiac signs, in between a green tree and a bare tree (summer and winter, respectively). Sitting in front of him is the mother-earth goddess, Tellus (the Roman counterpart of Gaia) with her four children, who possibly represent the four seasons.

The space between the role of the Daimōns

When one has a strong connection to the Uranian realm, where there is no time beyond what we know as defined, one also listens to the daimōn experiencing and emanating wonder. The function of the daimōn serves as a bridge between the mundane and divine realms while maintaining these boundaries and transcending them.

A place of wonder

A series of events in the last four years has led me to a place of wonder, to this beautiful place where I can look back in awe, seeing that I’m integrating all the other 18 Monika’s that I have from my past– the little ones, the crazy ones, the forgotten ones, the ones that felt abandoned, the ones that felt not cared for, the ones that there were scared inside of my psyche… I had to go back and get them, and now we live in peace, we live here in Miami Beach. It was through a bolt of energy on June 21st, 2020 that I had this dream that I had to leave New York. After 25 years in the city, just like that! Move to Miami– Uranian energy, which is unpredictable, and can feel ungrounding. My solar return on April 2020 had Uranus in exact conjunction with my Sun on the 9th house, there was no other way to feel this energy than to self-actualize myself through seeking another place beyond, a new territory where I could thrive in joy. But it’s like an opening, a threshold, in a flash, where you can see that you’re in a place that you’re not supposed to be, and you have a matter of seconds to open that threshold and just trust and jump! It’s fantastic, it’s a little bit exhilarating because for the previous two years I had been starting to feel a lot of nervousness in the way that I was leading my life, that it was no longer abiding by a kind of philosophy that I was connected to.

Surrender to the power of kindness

I remember having my birthday in 2019, here in Florida, and I was not feeling it, and I remember at one point just being so disrupted, I even called a friend and said, “I don’t know what to do anymore.” I was in a corner. Mind you, there haven’t been many situations in my life where I say I don’t know what to do– I’m extremely resourceful, and I usually manage to figure it out. But this time I had no clue. I was feeling trapped–in a body, in a place, in a city, in a situation… I just didn’t feel free anymore. I remember I went to the sea and I went inside the warm water, and I asked, “Please whisper to me what I need to do,” and I lay down, facing the sky, extended my arms, opened my palms, closed my eyes and just allowed myself to be floating, fully trusting, and then I heard the sea say to me, “You must surrender.”

A sense of safety and homecoming in my uniqueness

I have transiting Uranus entering my 4th house opposing my Moon right now, so there’s a lot of identification with my inner, emotional, sustainable self, and it’s going to allow me to question the way I want to be seen in the world. The polarity point with the 10th house, Capricorn/Saturn, is about how I want to really project myself as being of service to the rest of humanity in a career, or metier– but I do not want it to be separate from the sense of joy that I get from having reconnected to my emotional body, having clarified how I related painfully to certain events that are no longer part of this truth because of the work that I’ve been doing. The invitation right now with the North Node in Taurus getting so close with this solar eclipse, with the Taurus of ourselves, which is self-reliance and how we relate to our values, and with Uranus there, is really an invitation to understand what it is that we need as individuals to be able to thrive in creativity showing up in our uniqueness, and let go of any fears of not being able to be sustainable. Sustainability should come from inner authority and should allow the emotions to integrate the mind, the spirit, and the body because they’re the GPS.

Gate 27–28: The purpose of altruism

Hexagrams or Gates 27 and 28 are very present this week as the Sun and the Earth positions the Human Design system. I was born fifty-eight years ago on the 27th of April, so I’m about to have another solar return, yay! Gate 27 is the gate of nourishment, very altruistic energy, but there’s a danger with it– it’s sacral energy, it allows the energy to be able to sustain the life of others by caring, nurturing, food, shelter, really understanding what are the needs of others. But what happens is if this energy doesn’t come first to the self, then one can deplete their resources and give them to people who are not ready. My biggest learning in the last few years was to really trust my intuition to see who was ready to receive, and who was not ready or willing to receive what I had to give. I’ve been able to attune to it, and it’s been quite marvelous to see that I have a lot of energy to give, to nurture others, but I have to start with myself first.

Audio — Video whispers:

I intertwine between the spoken and the written word, hear my insights (different content) below. The written article is a companion (not a transcript) to the video.



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